Mission Ministries/Fox Valley/Tri-Cities House of Prayer
The Fox Valley area is considered the "western gateway" to the Chicago area. After 20 years of prayer we are in the midst of seeing a generational move of the Holy Spirit.

Not only our we seeing Psalm 2 established, but also the "Mary anointing" Luke 10:42 as well as Malachi ch. 4

The desire for corporate prayer/worship is rising. We hope you will be a part of what the Lord is raising up!
The Holy spirit is orchestrating a global prayer strategy far eclipsing any other prayer movement in history, resulting in an unprecedented Harvest of souls and completing the Great Commission. Historically, the prayer side of the Great Commission has been neglected. In cities throughout the earth, it will become common to hear of "intercessory worship" ministries that continue non-stop, twenty-four hours a day. The Lord promised "I will make you joyful in my house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7). Enjoyable prayer that refreshes is vital to continuing twenty-four hours a day.

This global prayer movement will operate in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. King David organized 288 singers to minister to God before the Ark in shifts that continued twenty-four hours a day. We are focused on understanding the Heavenly Model of worship as seen in the book of Revelation. David's tabernacle only points to this greater reality. The heavenly elders came to Jesus with two things, a harp and a bowl (Rev 5:8). The harp speaks of worship, the bowl, intercession and the prayers of the saints. The worship around the Throne incorporates worship and prayer flowing together. This is a key to "enjoyable prayer." When the Harp (worship music) comes together with the Bowl (intercession), a unique spiritual dynamic occurs. We call this the "harp and Bowl" model of Intercessory worship. The restoration of this is essential in the Spirit across the nations (Acts 15:14-18). King David put together into one context, singers, musicians, and intercessors. He emphasized antiphonal (responsive) singers and choirs (Ezra 3:11; Neh. 11:23-24). This is also vital to our prayer model.